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Have you ever went to the pharmacy to pick up your medication to find a big price jump? I have gone through this and it can be a pain. Price jumps can be due to anything from a product shortage, change in insurance and more. Making sure you have ways to save on prescriptions can help you save as much money as possible each month.

Whether you use a discount card, get samples, or order from an online pharmacy, never pay full price for prescriptions again! 

Ask For Generics 

Generic prescription drugs will help save you a lot of money, around 80-85%. Ask for generics whenever they are available. Some say that generic medications are not as effective, but that is untrue, and the savings is unbeatable. If your doctor is going to prescribe a drug, ask if there is a drug that is similar but a lower cost. There are so many drugs on the market that you might find one that is less popular but just as effective. 

Online Pharmacy

Depending on what you take for monthly medications, you might consider shopping online. Mail order pharmacies can really help reduce expenses and reduce the cost overall. You go online, find a pharmacy, and they will deliver to you. Make sure to look and use a legit online pharmacy to make sure you get quality medicine (Look for Verified Pharmacy Practice Site Certification). Make sure they require a prescription to fill, and that you can speak with them on the phone, so you know it is a real site. Look at Pharmacy Checker for options. 

NACo Card 

NACo Card is a free prescription card that covers prescriptions if you are uninsured or don’t have prescription coverage for the drug you need. This card can help you save around 24%, which is nice. Just enter your zip code to see if the program is available in your area, and then if it is simply filled out the form and they will ship you a card. 


Ask your pharmacist if they have any coupons available, as well as your doctor. Sometimes they get promo coupons sent to them that they can use to apply to your order. 

Samples or Small Prescription 

When you are at the doctor and trying a new medication ask for a sample to try it out. This is a good option to ensure you won’t have a reaction to the medication. Or ask for 1-2 weeks of medication instead of a full month. That way if the medicine doesn’t work right, you didn’t buy a full months worth. 

90 Day Supply

If you take some medications on a regular basis, ask to see if they can fill for a 90 day supply. This is a great way to get more of the medication you know you will use, and it sometimes comes at a lower price. It can help save you money and time for having to run out each month to fill your prescription. 

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